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E3200 Chemilux

The E3200 is based on CHEMILUX (luminous Chemiluminescence) it detects homemade military and commercial explosives, TNT,NG Dynamite , tagged plastics, And black powder, And easily detects ICAO tangents, TATP and peroxide-based explosives

The E3200 has very high selectivity to high vapour-pressure explosives and high immunity to rain,sand and dirty or high humidity conditions, For specifying the explosives select the Model E3100 for a duel mode, desktop Chemicals which identifies Select the E4500

For non-invasive searching luggage, mail, vehicles,Trucks,Clothing.Electronic Articles,Backpacks,Dossumcnets,and containings By

Law Enforcement government facilities
hotels military embassies police checkpoints events courts access control hotels transit mail

Easy to use: Simple one-push operation, Automatically displays clear go/no-go results in seconds on a bright adjustable LCD screen with LED's vapours are easily sampled at the front
far more sensitive, selective proven: low parts per billion sensitivity. Reliably detects TATP and Peroxides, high-Vapour-Pressure explosives, Even Minute traces of tagged plastic explosives, ICAQ tangents EGDN & DMNB, TNT, dynamite, and NG, with low false alarms and few interference

Very portable & rugged: self-contained, hardened for extreme conditions. yet the lightest less than 2/7kg - 5/9 lbs) greater battery life (6 hours) fully equipped in field-ready carrying case pictured above

No radio activity or isotopes, Period. No ISOTOPED radiation calibrations, Safety risks carrier gas certificates or licences to deal with. None
Easier upkeep: fewer Consumables minimal upkeep Self calibrating rare cleanouts take only seconds, not hours like other devices our training and support are worldwide and highly regarded

For hostile environments
Especially resistant to contamination or effects from exhaust humidity rain sand wind aerosols or pollutants